Hisway School of Prayer

Hearing the Voice of God

October 01, 2021 John & Kathy Casto Season 1 Episode 4
Hisway School of Prayer
Hearing the Voice of God
Show Notes

Hisway School of Prayer is dedicated to introducing you to the prayer teachings of Pastor B.J. Willhite and their impact on our personal lives.
                             B.J. Willhite passed November 4, 2022.

In this episode:
John introduces some prayer principles that he and Kathy learned from Pastor Willhite many years ago:
"Events and situations will follow a natural course of action unless there's a reason for them to be otherwise.  Our prayers justify God's super natural intervention into any given situation and interrupts the natural course of action."
John reflects on his life having returned from Vietnam and living a life of substance abuse and wrong decisions. Kathy shares her struggle with anorexia and suicide.   

This is a message of super natural intervention in John & Kathy's lives in a direct answer to prayer and a great story of hope in troubled times.

Calling the Nation to Prayer, One Family at a Time
Remember: "If you have enough faith to pray, you have enough faith to move the hand of God!"
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