Hisway School of Prayer

Why Pray? Part 1

January 23, 2024 John & Kathy Casto Season 1 Episode 6
Hisway School of Prayer
Why Pray? Part 1
Show Notes

Hisway School of Prayer is dedicated to introducing you to the prayer teachings of Pastor B.J. Willhite and their impact on our personal lives.
                             B.J. Willhite passed November 4, 2022.

In this episode:
Pastor Bob asks the question ... "Have you ever wonder why God needs us to pray?"
Why does an all knowing and all powerful God need you and me to pray to get things done on the earth?  Can't God  do what He wants ... without us?    These questions and more will be answered and explained in this 3 part series by Pastor B.J. Willhite. 

Calling the Nation to Prayer, One Family at a Time
Remember: "If you have enough faith to pray, you have enough faith to move the hand of God!"
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