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Hisway School of Prayer

John & Kathy Casto

We all need heroes of the faith. We are very fortunate to have met Pastor Bob Willhite early in our ministry many years ago. Pastor Willhite became both our mentor in prayer and hero of faith. Hisway School of Prayer is all about sharing this great man's teachings on the subject of prayer. These teachings radically impacted our lives and thousands of others throughout the U.S. and Internationally. You have probably never heard these principles of prayer anywhere else. Our goal throughout the episodes is to leave a Legacy of Prayer of this great man's teachings. They will encourage you, build your faith, and answer many of the questions you have had about prayer for a long time. Kathy and I will share some of those teaching in our episodes. One of the first principles that we learned from Pastor Bob was "If you have enough faith to pray...you have enough faith to move the hand of God" Sadly we add that B.J. Willhite passed on November 4, 2022.